Ready, Steady, Cook! BOSS Recipes is here!

By Keerut Singh Oberai

'When I first came to university I lived with a flat mate who struggled to even cook garlic bread! Like many students, he relied on oven food, take-aways and his mum’s food which he had stored away in the freezer. With a few tips and a bit of teaching he slowly began to realise that cooking wasn’t as difficult as he thought and it was just as cost effective as buying frozen or ready-made food. Over our time together at university it was fantastic to see him slowly become a competent cook and now his fridge is stocked with fresh food and fresh ingredients'

At BOSS we want to help you cook fresh and exciting food so we’ve come up with BOSS recipes, a cookbook specifically designed for you students with loads of vegetarian, egg free recipes. Each recipe has a clear step by step guide on how to make it to help you go from a cooking novice to a Masterchef in no time! Anyone can do it, so give it a go and you'll be well on your way to impressing your friends and family in no time!

We've tried to make the cookbook accessible on all platforms so whether you're wanting to read your recipes in your own time you can download an offline PDF straight to your device or view it directly through the webpage on your laptop, just hit the button below and get cooking!