Looking after your mental health whilst studying

“You’re on your chosen course, at your selected uni, and back home the family thinks you’re having the time of your life. Yet the days of life are just passing by emptily. You’re trapped inside your own mind, stuck in a deep dark hole. Being alive yet dead”

Gurvinder shares his experiences and tips in this honestly refreshing post. A must read for all current students.

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Changing the narrative on mental health in the Punjabi community

Taraki was founded by Shuranjeet Singh Takhar, a graduate from the University of Bristol and current student at the University of Oxford. After experiencing mental health difficulties as a student, he wanted to ensure that individuals and communities would have access to the necessary support systems to help them manage their mental health in a better way. Read on to find out more about Shuranjeet’s journey and how Taraki was born.

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My experience as president of Sikh society

Being a part of a Sikh Society at university is an amazing opportunity. Not only do you get the chance to help shape the society and your community but you also have the chance to develop skills which will help you in the future no matter where life takes you.

Some of these skills involve being able to work in a team, give constructive feedback to team members as well as leadership skills. We caught up with Raveena Kaur who was the President of St. George’s Sikh Society 2017/18 to see how she developed these skills as well as some of the challenges she faced.

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Arjan Bhullar