20TH - 27TH october 2018

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Sikh student societies from colleges and universities across the UK will be hosting a week-long series of events as an opportunity to bring the Sikh spirit to campus. The theme of the week is ‘Chardi Kala’.

Chardi Kala translates to a constant state of ever rising spirits and with National Sikhi Week we cannot wait for our societies to show you a glimpse of that incredibly positive spirit!

Sikh societies are some of the most active, prominent and impactful societies on campus. National Sikhi Week will provide a platform to showcase their work so that Sikh and non-Sikh across colleges and universities can experience the Sikh spirit!



After much demand and to kick off the National Sikhi Week of 2018 BOSS will be bringing back the BOSS National student Kirtan Darbar!

On Saturday 20th October, from 5.30pm onwards, students will be taking over the evening Darbar at Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Smethwick for the daily simran jaap, English based katha and of course lots of kirtan.

Come and join us for the launch of Chardi Kala NationalSikhi week 2018 with the Chardi Kala Darbar of 2018. 

(If you are currently a student and would like to do kirtan at the Chardi Kala Darbar please drop us a private message with your contact details and we will try our very best to slot you in). 

last years national sikhi week

2017 was the first year we saw Sikh Societies come together to produce a week of events nationally celebrating Sikhi across the UK. Over the 5 days; 43 events were organised with 4 homeless feeds and over £500 fundraised for charity.

Societies hosted seva events; volunteering to help charities and those in need in their local communities.  For example; University of Leicester, Aston University, University of Manchester, University of Leeds, and Nottingham Trent University Sikh Societies, respectively collaborated with local charities to run street kitchens for homeless people in their city.  Reading University planning a special Charity Bake Off to raise money for Cancer Research UK and Khalsa Aid.

There were events for Sikhs and non-Sikhs to explore spirituality.  To name a few, Aston University, Birmingham City University, University of Hertfordshire, University of Leeds, University of Liverpool and University of Birmingham Sikh Societies hosted Sikh Raag Darbars (classical Sikh music), poetry and meditation sessions.

A number of universities hosted events for those wanting to explore Sikh history and teachings.  The societies of Kings College London had their regular Sikh Studies Class, Aston University had a talk on Guru Nanak Dev Jee by Akaal Publishers, London School of Economics ran a special ‘Sikh and Discuss’ event, University of Birmingham hosted a ‘Debate & Dine’ event and University of Leicester held a talk on Sikhs in World War I.


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A highlight of what Sikh Societies are doing at University! #BOSS VLOGS