How to run a successful Langar on Campus event

By Jaspreet Singh (NoCaste)

Every year Sikh students up and down the country put on Langar on Campus events at their Universities feeding hundreds of students whilst spreading the values of Sikhi to the wider student committee. These events whilst incredibly rewarding take a great deal of time and effort to organize and to get right. Jaspreet Singh, the first international student to be President of the Birmingham City University Student Union, shares his tips on how to run a successful Langar on Campus event:


“1.      Do ardass before maharaj collectively as a committee. 

It shows collective commitment and pushes your soul to work hard towards good.


2.      Find someone who can take pictures or make a video and make an event poster. This could be by university students who study media or photography. There are generally photography and filmmaking societies in the Students Union so look out for them.


3.      One sewadaar should actively be on the social media and should be encouraging people to use #......Langar2018. The aim should be that in next five years you should be able to trace the event online and something which anyone can access throughout the year.


4.      Send personalised invitations to the top management of the university, heads of schools and the executive members from the students union. This helps to create a warm link between the Sikh Society and University staff member.


5.      Very important step. Write a one sided document explaining all the details of the "Why Langar on Campus” and what is langar. Send this document to the university Press office. Request the University press officer to share the story with local and national channels/media outlets.


6.       Definitely approach Sikh channel but don’t forget there are other regional channels as well. ( eg BCU Langar on Campus was broadcasted on Made in Birmingham, ITV Midlands and BBC Asian Network).


7.      Remember very importantly as Sikhs we take Langar for granted but imagine being from other end. It is a very big event in the university in fact it should be the biggest selfless free meal of the university.” 



If you need any help running a Langar on Campus or logistical support feel free to contact us at BOSS ( and we will do all we can to help support your event. This could be from helping organize the langar to providing handouts and posters to help educate those attending on Sikhi and on langar itself.


We also have plenty of resources on our website to help you plan your event ( and to give you some guidance from previous students who have successfully put on Langar on Campus events at their universities (