What Sikh Soc taught me about marketing


I've wanted to write this post for a very long time and now finally I am doing it! Honestly don't know where to start..

I've learnt that every opportunity you get is really important and key for your development, learning and thinking. Ive learnt that whatever opportunity you get you should take it, no matter if it's small or big because there is always something to take back after having an opportunity. I've learnt this because of Aston Sikh Society (by being a committee member obvs lol).

I applied to be a part of Sikh Soc in 2016 just to add something to my cv as well as wanting to improve the society. I originally applied to be a part of the Events team but I ended up with Marketing, which I wasn't happy about. I used to think there isn't much to do with Marketing. However, this was the best thing that's ever happened to me! If I never got given the role of Marketing I would not be where I am today- on the path to pursue a career in the digital/creative space. I always wanted to have a career where it required me to be creative but I lost my touch with that until I joined Sikh Soc. I would have never imagined that being a part of Sikh Soc would help me not only in terms of improving my knowledge on Sikhism but guiding me on my career path. 

I've learnt so many skills being a part of Aston's biggest society! People underestimate the amount of work committee members do to put on events or run the society, there is a lot of work that goes into running a society especially when its one of the biggest societies. I was also lucky to be a part of one of the best teams I've worked with (my marketing team) and we all brought a lot of innovation to the Marketing side of Sikh Soc.

I could go on and on (I'm always talking about Sikh Soc in my interviews) but I would miss the core message I want to say, which is that MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE OPPORTUNITIES YOU GET!

I can't express enough how important it is to join societies and join committees because you learn so many skills which are really valuable! Take every opportunity you get because you never know which one of them will be life changing. 

Click here to view my favourite video out of all of the ones I made.