National Sikhi Week 2017 is a celebration of faith on campus.

Involving over 50 universities and colleges across the UK, the week will focus on serving others through campaigns and events including service, meditation, lectures, and charity drives. 

#NationalSikhiWeek #SarbatDaBhalla

BOOK and toy drive

As part of National Sikhi Week and in the spirit of #SarbatDaBhalla we are launching an appeal to support this initiative by the Wahegru Foundation (  

The aim is to collect books and toys for the children’s charities Acorns Hospice and The Children’s Society.  

The appeal is in honour of the Shaheeds of the Sikh nation who laid down their lives when confronting oppressive regimes and keeping the flame of freedom alive.  Sikh societies will be collaborating with other societies on campuses for this worthy cause.


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