BCU's Meet & Greet

Birmingham City Universities Meet and Greet

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Event Name

Meet and Greet


Type of Event



Number of weeks preparation time needed?

3 Weeks


Number of committee members needed?

At least 5 Members. if there are more then that's more better.


Any help from outside organisations needed?


Stepwise guide to preparation in the run up to the event

Week 1 - Decide on what to do. Make sure all the members agree on the plan. Give role to each member on what they are going to do following week.

Week 2 - Work on the plan. members do their tasks as they were planned.

Week 3 - Go over the plan to see if there is anything missed or can be done to improve. Make sure everything is ready like the name sheet and leaflets that are needed on that day.


Guide to running the event on the day

Important: only 2 people should manage the membership and preparations while other members stay with the students and talk to them. By doing this, new students won't be just staying there. Not everyone is social at first, so the members must be friendly and welcoming.

There should be some activities for students to do which can involve team working. this is make students to talk others and get to know each other.

It would be great if the members speak Punjabi and English both at the event. There can be some international students who may not be very good at English and may feel shy and not talk to everyone as they are speaking English.

Members should encourage students to speak Punjabi. Doesn't have to be prefect.


Did you face any issues when planning or carrying out this event? How did you overcome these?

We did have some issues like most of the committee members were preparing for the food competition we were going to have. That was being done while students were doing a small activity which was talk to person in front of them for 30 secs and then move on. Because most member were inside, students started to have some problem and they started to their friends only or the person they knew. we had a student jump in to help and sort this. He helped with the activities and with the preparations as well.

When students were coming to the event, we didn't have a member on the ground to receive them and tell them were to go. students were struggling a bit to find which room was it. we couldn't come over this.


What could you have improved upon and what would you do differently if you ran the event again?

In order to improve the event, we would have committee member on the ground floor or by the building to welcome the students and to show directions.

2nd we would like to have only 2 members dealing with the membership or preparations for the event on the day while other members talk to the students.

3rd we would like to have 2 more members to help us out.


What are your top tips and take-home messages?

1. Not have too many activities. Keep it straight forwards and few activities.
2. Engage with the students and talk to them. Be friendly.
3. Make sure everything is there in terms of food and preparations for the event.