Bowling & Meal

Check out NTUs Bowling and meal cheat sheet..

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Event Name

Bowling and Eat out


Type of Event



Number of weeks preparation time needed?

3 Weeks


Number of committee members needed?

According to on how the event, I think we need 5 members. If there are more than it can be more better.


Any help from outside organisations needed?

If you are going to pre-book the place to play, then connect them but otherwise it should be fine. If you need to reserve the tables then contact the place you are going to eat.

Stepwise guide to preparation in the run up to the event

Week 1 prep - discuss with students on what they would like to do? if there are too many options then ask students to vote for it. once that is done then committee members need to find out if they can go or not.

Week 2 - They can confirm which place they are going and what time. once that is done. they can find out how many students are going to attend on the day. transportation can be one of the important things. if there are over 30 people then mini bus could be better if everyone contributes towards it a little bit. it will be easier to travel together and saves time as well.

Week 3 - they can promote the event on the social media, so all the Sikh society students are aware of it and can attend it. Have a list of members that are going to attend. Set a meeting point and travelling time.


Guide to running the event on the day

Make sure everyone arrives on time to meeting place. Transportation is on time. Go to the event on time. Talk to the members to make sure they are okay with what's going on? members should know the plan for the day as well.

If you are bowling, do not have more than one game unless all members agree for second game. Try different or new games as well which members might like at the event place.

Talk to students to make sure everyone is enjoying, and no one is left behind.

Event should finish around 6 so everyone has enough time to get back home as well.


Did you face any issues when planning or carrying out this event? How did you overcome these?

We had few issues while carrying out this event:

  • Transportation - We didn't have one transport to reach to the bowling place. some went on their own and some with their friends. everyone went on their which did create a bit of problem. we had to wait some members since everyone was different transportation. To overcome this situation, we kept on asking people where they are to keep up to date on where they are.

  • Loss of interest after first game - We planned on having 2 games, but students lost interest after they finished their game. To overcome this situation, we let students went on to try some other games.

  • Eating Out (timing) - after we finished the games, we planned on going out to eat at Mr Singh's but unfortunately not everyone can make it because they had few other things to do at the same time. therefore, the timing was not so good plus most of them was spent at playing game.



What could you have improved upon and what would you do differently if you ran the event again?

Transportation - if we had another chance then we would like to improve the transportation. We have one specific transportation that all students can use it as some of the students can be new to the area.

Timing - This is one of big problem we had on that day. in future, we will only have one game and go out on time, so everyone is free before 6pm. Most of students have other societies to attend around 6pm.


What are your top tips and take-home messages?

  • communicate with members and committee members effectively

  • Have plan for the day

  • make sure everything is happening on time.

  • finish on time

  • don't play more than 1 game of bowling.