National Paintballing Tournament

This year’s National Sikh Society Paintballing Tournament takes place on Saturday 16th November 2019 during National Sikhi Week. Buy your tickets online using the link below. Spaces are limited so secure your spot asap!

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National Sikh Society Paintball Tournament

Saturday 16th November 2019

National Sikh Society Paintballing Tournament Trailer

(Credit @FlexSingh)

Paintballing tournament. further Info for the day

The National Sikh Society Paintballing Tournament is organised by the University of Birmingham Sikh Society and supported by BOSS.

The link to the online ticket sales form is as follows. If you are having trouble using the form on your mobile device try using a laptop or desktop and use this direct link. If you are still experiencing difficulties please email us at or call 07935 900 546.

The tournament takes place near Birmingham (at the biggest paintballing fields in Europe). All students are required to be at the venue for 8:30am. The event is expected to finish around 4pm.

Tickets costs just £10. This includes entry, full kit, a full day of paintballing games, 100 paintballs and a hot lunch. There is a £1 admin fee added for all online orders to cover your transaction fee.

We are sorry but we are unable to offer refunds on tickets. If you wish to give your ticket to someone else please get in touch with us first so we can approve the exchange and update our records accordingly. All tickets will be checked off against our records.

If you would like to buy tickets in bulk please contact us at 07935 900 546 to discuss how to go about this.

To protect your personal information the form we use is a secure online hosting company. Online payments are taken via Stripe (an online secure payment service used by companies such as Unicef, ASOS & Deliveroo). All your data is stored securely in compliance with GDPR policies and will be deleted after the event).

Your local university/college Sikh society may also be selling tickets offline and Sikh societies will also be providing transport to and from the venue. (There will be an additional charge for this. Please consult with them directly.)

No tickets can be bought at the venue. All tickets must be purchased beforehand.

100 paintballs are included per person. Extra paintballs are £8.50 per 100, £75 per 1000 or £140 per 2000. We recommend any students who want to buy extra paintballs do so in bulk and then share the cost between several people as it will work out cheaper.

Grenades can also be bought on site. Choices include:

Smoke grenade - £4 each or 3 for £10

Thunder flash grenade - £4 each or 3 for £10

Paint grenade - £5.50 each or 2 for £10

IMPORTANT: Paintballs from outside the venue are not allowed, they MUST be purchased on site.

Stuck on what to wear? We recommend wearing a light jacket/hoodie and old joggers with old trainers or boots as it will get muddy! Gloves are also recommended (they can be purchased on the day for £8.50 if required).

Coveralls and protective goggles will be provided (they will fit over Turbans). There is added protection for those that require it.

Small lockers are available on the day so please bring a padlock if the lockers are needed, otherwise they can be purchased on site for £3.50.

Please note, as this event is run under the Sikh soc banner, we would appreciate it if all participants could adhere to basic Sikh principles (please do not bring any meat or intoxicants to the event). Thank you

A hot lunch (with vegan/gluten free options) will be provided by BOSS on the day. Drinks and snacks can be bought from the venue.

All participants are required to sign a waiver form by the venue. A copy of this form can be found here.


Previous Paintballing Tournaments

Each year over 200 students from universities and colleges across the country descend on Europe's largest paintballing fields to battle it out for the right to be crowned the Sikh student winners of the year! We are the largest group the site has to accommodate for! A special shout out to UoB Sikh Society for their hard work in organising the event and all the uni Sikh Soc committees who organised for their members to make it each year. Below are some photos & videos from previous tournaments.

National Sikh Society Paintballing Tournament 2016/2017

Saturday 29th October we had our inter-Sikh uni social. (Credit to @AstonSikhs)

National Sikh Society Paintballing Tournament 2017/2018

Here is DMU's Paintballing vlog from the National Sikh Soc Paintballing Tournament took place in October 2017!

National Sikh Society Paintballing Tournament 2018/19

16 Universities... Over 200 Students... (Video Credit to @FlexSingh)